The Cosmic Grill and Fireplace

the exterior metal design
realization: 2022-2023
size: 110 kg; diameter 110 cm 
material: stainess steel

This Cosmic Grill was manufactured in the cooperation with Metal ZooM company

Story behind 

The aim of this work was to create a fireplace / grill which is a useful piece for its owners but also a unique and “eye catching part” of the outside of the house.

This object should bring you to the other universe. It was made of the stainless-steel rounded bottom which brings the appearance of the cosmic ship. After the first use, the inox material itself developed its own colouring.

Totally eleven circle windows are used for the heat circulation but also as an overview into the interior of the fireplace. It could appear as looking on the burning planet, while having the fire on. When the wood in the fire crackles, the metal bottoms create a beautiful sound like a music instrument from the other planet.

The ideal placement of the grill

The exterior of restaurant, garden.

Where can it be shiped?

Anywhere all around the planet World.

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