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Mr. Bull

the metal sculpture
realization: 2022-2023
size: 350 kg - height 2.2 m - length 5.1 m - width 2.4 m
material: 23 132 stainless steel rings; 94 052 TIG welds; Corten steel plinth

The sculpture was manufactured in the cooperation with Metal ZooM company

Story behind this sculpture

The author was inspired by the Spanish, the nation that loves life. The statue of the traditional Spanish bull “El Toro" was created to celebrate the connection of human life with the nature, to celebrate life itself.

The bull sculpture is designed to be as dematerialized as possible and thus allow maximum light transmission.

No internal support structure is used inside. The size of the bull statue contrasts with the designed structure of small rings from which it is made.

The bull symbol

The strength of the bull sculpture does not lie on its weight and the amount of material used but on the possibility of the biggest dematerialization. It is about the creation of the tiniest version of itself which still retains its power, about the very lightness of being.

The statue of the bull is supposed to be transformed into a piece of jewellery – the symbol of Spanish culture where its meaning is anchored in its inner strength - the historical connection and ability to shape the togetherness and pride of the Spanish people. The symbol of the circle, from which the entire sculpture is made up, points to the power of belonging, cyclicality and the close connection of nature and people.

The plinth, which is made of a Corten steel, is designed in the shape of a stylized silhouette of a full bull shadow, which can never be created due to the maximum light transmission of the statue. It thus represents the permanent and traditional anchoring of the bull symbol in the Spanish culture.

The ideal placement of this sculpture

The exterior of the company / house – garden, an arrival place - where it shows its impressiveness.

Where can it be shiped?

Anywhere in the world.

BUT! The best place would be Spain, the home place of a bull like this!

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