The T-h-ea time table

the interior design
realization: 2022
size: 40 kg; 55 cm height, diameter 80 cm 
material: inox, acrylic painting, glass

This table was manufactured in the cooperation with Metal ZooM company

Story behind the scene

The creation of this colourful table was a process – a game with a father Vratislav with his daughter Thea.

For this reason, it is called T-h-ea time table. For the inox top plate, the waste material after laser cutting was used. This top was covered by rotating acrylic colours in the circle on the top of the plate. The table legs were made on the turning machine.

This table should represent the never-ending process of playing which should not be fixed by the age.

The ideal display

The interior of the house.

Where can it be shiped?

Anywhere all around the world.

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