The Light Element

the interior design
realization: 2015
size: diameter 1.8 m, height 2m
material: inox, glass

Story behind the scene

This light installation was made as a part of a specific interior requirement to fill a space by the light with an interesting visual effect. When creating this light element, Vratislav was inspired by the rain.

The top part of the light is made of an inox super-polished rounded plate with 72 holes for glass rods. The light is transmitted by the rods which gives an effect to three green glass plates under it. These glasses are one side polished and the other faced to the rods has a water drop effect structure.

The table was made as a part of the light by putting the red circle glass in the middle of it. This should represent the Earth.

When the light turns on, the play of light, colour and mirroring from the top of the light to the table begins.

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